Some Popular Fashion Website Designs
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Today, we’ll take a look at some popular fashion websites. To many, they would be fierce and exceptional, to others, they might be somewhat lacking. These websites, after all, don’t follow rules that govern corporate websites. It just so happens that this industry is capable to create their own standards that the world is happy to follow.

Whether or not you agree, these websites are quite inspiring. They offer a lot of insight that one may generally not get from other sites. Their approach, needless to say, is a far cry from most of our previous showcases. Most of the time the theme is straight to the point that the eye is never lost from the main focal point–the apparel. So what makes these websites stand out? We will all soon find out.

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Choosing Your Graphic Next Designer

Great design can make or brake a business, the first thing your customers will see could make them feel impressed and inspired, or make them look elsewhere to your competitors.
Very often companies can rush into getting a design or brand set up.  Time is normally of the essence and as time is money mistakes can be made in haste.

A quick checklist has been compiled that could save time tears and trouble:

1. Research
Have a look at different designers, look through portfolios and see what you like.  Get the opinions of others, what looks good to you may not look good to others, so getting the opinions of others for designers you like the look of is a wise move.  Have a browse through designers portfolios, check out the range of their expertise.  Creative designers like to showcase the range of their work as they are proud of it.

2. Budget
What is the budget you have to allocate to your design/brand.  Be realistic, if you are approaching a top design agency with a small budget then you are wasting their time and yours.  Great design does not have to cost the earth, but it does take some searching for.

If you are working to a budget, perhaps approaching the project in bite size stages could be best; spreading the cost over a few months of design to allow you to get the best designer possible but giving them the time to work on your campaign.

3. Competitors
What are your competitors doing?  How are they presenting themselves, what angle are they taking and what is working for them.  With design and branding, fitting into the industry/market is important, but so is standing out in the crowd.  Great designers know how to get the balance of making you fit in, yet stand out.

4. Timescale
Honesty is the best policy; once you have found the designer you like the look of you need to be honest about the timescales they have to work with.  Most great designers are in demand, and they will need to fit you in.  If a designer has lots of spare capacity and free time, the question needs to be asked as to why.
Designers cannot be expected to come up with award winning designs for you if they only have a couple of weeks to research, design, and produce ideas (which then would need to be reviewed by you and whittled down).  Sometimes taking a bit more time will pay dividends rather than rushing in like a bull in a china shop.

5. Partnership
Relationship is the key to business, if you have a close relationship with your designer then all the better.  Not to say that you need to go around for meals with the family; but having a close working relationship will only add value to your finished product.  For you to understand how they work (as designers are creative creatures thought to come from a different planet) and how they understand you (do they really know your business and market place) and your objectives.

By following these practical guidelines you should be able to find the right designer for your project.  The world is well stocked with graphic designers, of all shapes and sizes; local, national and global.  Choosing a designer based on their ideas, creative skill and background is more important than choosing someone local or cheap.

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How to Get a Good Web Domain Name

Most of us have all registered (or at least tried to register) a domain or two or 500. More than 400,000 domains are registered every single day which explains why most of the good ones are taken. More often then not, trying to register a domain name is a daunting task.  A good domain is an important aspect of the branding process and many of us struggle finding a domain that fits our business and is easy for our customers to remember. Rather than trying to come up with a new domain name, consider looking into dropped domains.

Dropped domains- When an owner fails to renew a domain before its expiration date, it goes through several phases before it gets released to ICANN and is available to be registered by other users. Once the domain passes its expiration date, the domain goes through a couple month process which I’ll explain below. Dropped domains are a great way to get a domain that might have some age, backlinks, pagerank, popular keywords or aesthetic value, which are all important for SEO.

The domain expiration process

If the owner of a domain chooses not to renew a domain beyond its expiration date, it has to go through a few steps before someone else can register it:

  1. Domain goes into “expired” status. Once the domain has entered this status, the owner has 40 days to renew it (without penalty) before it becomes available.
  2. If 40 days have passed and the owner still hasn’t made an attempt to renew the domain, it goes into a “redemption period“. Once a domain enters the “redemption period”, a fee is now charged to renew the domain. Not just a typical $10 registration fee, it’s more along the lines of $100 or so depending on the registrar. During this phase, all of the who is information associated with the domain will be deleted.
  3. If the registered owner still hasn’t registered the domain, it will go into “locked” status and will remain there for a period of 5 days. Once this 5 days is up, the domain will officially drop between 11am and 2pm PST from the ICAAN Database and will be available to register.

Once the domain expires…

It’s not necessarily as easy as just going to GoDaddy or Network Solutions and registering the domain. There are three major services out there that have servers that will pound the database to grab highly sought after dropping domains. There is almost no chance that someone will be able to grab a domain before they can due to the power of their servers. Those three services are:

  • Enom
  • Pool
  • Snapnames

Warning- It’s not all smooth sailing when picking up expired domains. Look out for a few things including the potential that a domain could have been banned by Google for spam or black hat activity. Also, use a popular tool such as to verify that there are no bad links coming back to the domain. The last thing you want is a domain that has 500 adult links pointing to it. Good luck finding those treasured domains!

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Why Are Dallas Web Designers Charging Less?

These days there is a website designer around every corner in Dallas, some good and some not so good. Some charge so little you wonder how can they make a living? or is it even worth their time? When I first started as a graphic artist 18 years ago, things were much different than today. A good website could cost over 100k, I can create a website for under 1K today.

Computers and software have come so far that being a highly trained programmer is not so important anymore. Pre-designed templates have made things easy and Joomla and Wordpress websites make it even easier and provide a content management system that you can pass on to the client.  Although things have gotten easier, the art of building a good website remains the same.

Just because you can get it done cheap doesn't mean you should. When you try to cut too much cost, you sacrifice some of the most important elements of building a good website. How the website is built is a huge factor in whether or not your website will ever be found in search engines. Search engine optimization plays a big part in getting found on the web and good developers know how to implement SEO into the design.

My kids are learning graphic design and web building in high school and have already put up a couple of websites. I was very impressed that they could do this at this age but those sites have absolutely no chance of ever ranking in major search engines. This opened my eyes to how many people are out there creating websites these days and I realized how many of these sites are not built properly. Websites have dropped in price and so has the skill required to put up a website, so make sure the designer you choose is truly a skilled professional.

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