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Why Are Dallas Web Designers Charging Less?

These days there is a website designer around every corner in Dallas, some good and some not so good. Some charge so little you wonder how can they make a living? or is it even worth their time? When I first started as a graphic artist 18 years ago, things were much different than today. A good website could cost over 100k, I can create a website for under 1K today.

Computers and software have come so far that being a highly trained programmer is not so important anymore. Pre-designed templates have made things easy and Joomla and Wordpress websites make it even easier and provide a content management system that you can pass on to the client.  Although things have gotten easier, the art of building a good website remains the same.

Just because you can get it done cheap doesn't mean you should. When you try to cut too much cost, you sacrifice some of the most important elements of building a good website. How the website is built is a huge factor in whether or not your website will ever be found in search engines. Search engine optimization plays a big part in getting found on the web and good developers know how to implement SEO into the design.

My kids are learning graphic design and web building in high school and have already put up a couple of websites. I was very impressed that they could do this at this age but those sites have absolutely no chance of ever ranking in major search engines. This opened my eyes to how many people are out there creating websites these days and I realized how many of these sites are not built properly. Websites have dropped in price and so has the skill required to put up a website, so make sure the designer you choose is truly a skilled professional.

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