GlassMasking paint is now part of history
Written by Hook Graphics   

The Museum of Modern Art in New York contacted DBox today for a very large order of the GlassMasking Paint product that Hook Graphics has been promoting for about a year. Internet sales of Glass Masking paint has really taken off on a national level and we are pleased to be a part of it.

Hook Graphics is also marketing and advertising several other DBox Inc. products. They Include Phantom Sign, Argyle Site Furnishings and Graffiti Solutions. Phantom Sign is a product that is sprayed on concrete using a stencil like "slippery when wet" or "caution". When the surface get wet from rain or spills the words show up like invisible ink. 

Graffiti Solutions is whole line of industrial strength graffiti removal products that work great and Argyle Site Furnishings brings property managers a line of outdoor furniture that looks great and holds up well in high traffic areas.

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