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Business Networking Ideas

Form a network with businesses marketing to the same target market as yourself. Learn about one another's products/services and generate permission based (a customer who is looking forward to being contacted by you) leads for one another.

  1. Hold a community marketing forum and invite small business owners to join you in discussing business ideas.
  2. Find other business professionals to network with at:
    • Chamber of Commerce meetings
    • Trade Shows
    • Trade Associations
    • Industry Events
    • Clubs
    • Networking Organizations
  3. Be selective about who you network with.
  4. Meet with your business network partners often.
  5. Send your business network partners lots of referrals.
  6. Talk with everyone you meet about your business. You'd be surprised how many others are also looking for people to help them increase their business. You also may find businesses with the same target market in places you never would have expected.
  7. Creating a business marketing referral network helps generate permission based leads, new marketing ideas and the possibilities for joint advertising campaigns.

Relationship Marketing Ideas

Maintain and improve your relationship with your past customers. Market to existing customers.

  1. Begin forming relationships with potential customers.
  2. Participate in a trade show, get a booth or at least attend them and talk to people.
  3. Hold open panel business forums that appeal to your potential customer groups.
  4. Offer free informational pamphlets in your store or at events.
  5. Keep your information simple and understandable so your customers can easily grasp the knowledge you have for them.
  6. Use examples instead of just numbers and statistics.
  7. Send your customers a newsletter (mail and email)
    • Keeps your business in the front of their mind
    • Generate repeat business
    • Generate referrals
  8. Send your customers holiday or birthday cards.
  9. Send your best customers hand written letters.
  10. Help further your customers knowledge by sending them a tips or advice bulletin.
  11. Send informational brochures when a new product or service that they may be interested in comes out.
  12. Send updates on industry news that may be beneficial to your clients.
  13. Help your customers look good by offering your services to help them in a meeting, seminar or other event.
  14. Ask your customers how you can better server them, listen to them and make the changes necessary.
  15. Get written testimonials from some of your customers and put them up in your store or online.
  16. Place your contact information on the products you sale so the customer always knows how to get in touch with you.
  17. Setup a suggestion box (offline, online or both).
  18. Ask for recommendations and new ideas from customers and employees.
  19. Ask a group of customer or employees to be a part of your advisory panel and run new products, services and pricing by them.
  20. Throw a party or special event for your best customers.

  1. Design attractive business cards:
    • Hand out your business card to anyone who may need to contact you.
    • Give those close to you, business wise or personally a few business cards so they can hand them out when they meet someone in need of your product.
    • Always have your business cards with you.
    • Place a special offer or product information on the back of your business cards.
    • Give a client a few extra business cards with their name written on the back. Offer to give your client something free if they give the card to a friend and the friend brings the card in. You could offer a special discount to their friend also.
  2. Have a brochure to handout to potential customers. Also make brochures of new products and services to send to past customers.
  3. Send branded calendars to select customers.
  4. Postcards can be one of the more affordable ways to get a new product or service in front of the eyes of past customers.
  5. Send a postcard instead of a letter, they are cheaper, already opened and can be seen by everyone who handles the mail.
  6. Buy newspaper advertising space.
  7. Advertise in coupon books.
  8. Submit a press release for a new product, promotion or milestone.
  9. Submit articles to industry publications.
  10. Write a book.
  11. Publish and distribute a journal or newsletter.

Local Marketing Ideas

  1. Place an ad in a local magazine or paper.
  2. Write an article for a local magazine or paper.
  3. Advertise on a billboard
  4. Offer your product as the prize for a local contest
  5. Hang up flyers, posters or business cards at community halls, libraries, or other local businesses with their permission of course.

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Promotional Marketing Ideas

  1. Offer something free:
    • A consultation
    • A gift
    • Seminars
    • Product Demonstration
  2. Distribute cards where the customer gets something free after a certain number of purchases.
  3. Have a sale
  4. Cross promote in or on products of other businesses that target your market. You can get creative with this one. How about an optician partnering with a book store. Put large print flyers in books that say, "Having trouble reading the text? Come see us." and small print notes in new eye glass cases that reads, "Put your new glasses to good use..."
  5. Offer a discount to a target group:
    • Offer special pricing to a specific club
    • Offer a discount to event attendees
    • Give out coupons for the completion of a survey
  6. Have a special promotion just for your best customers.
  7. Hold a contest.
  8. Place balloons outside of your store.
  9. Make a decorative scene on the top of or inside your store.
  10. Hold an event outside your store or invite a non-profit group to hold an even outside your store.
  11. Place a sign on top of or on the sides of your car while parked near your place of business.
  12. Have a banner printed to announce a special sale or promotion.
  13. Have ready-to-launch promotions stored up for when neighboring stores have a large advertised sale so you can catch some of the extra traffic.
  14. Offer samples or refreshments in your store.

General Marketing Ideas

  1. Create a marketing plan and budget.
    • What are your goals?
    • how are you going to get there? (Budget, action steps, etc.)
  2. Take one marketing action step each day.
  3. Get a toll-free number to project a better image and capture national customers (you can get them for $2/month at kall8).
  4. Followup with your existing customers
  5. Be Personally Accessible
  6. Targeting your market and watch for news, trends and events that effect that market.
  7. Create a new product or service that is either better or cheaper than your current product.
  8. Stack services or products together to create a special package and promote that.
  9. If you miss a call you don't have to miss a customer. Offer a special discount on your voice mail or quickly talk about some of the greatest benefits of your product.
  10. Create a better store sign or logo.
  11. Higher someone from your target market group to come up with new and creative marketing ideas.
  12. Look for advertising interns to help you create and execute a marketing plan.
  13. Look for job offers or those looking for your product or service.
    • Freelance sites
    • Craigslist
    • Lead generation sites

Personal Marketing Ideas

  1. Volunteer to be on the board of an event.
  2. Volunteer in non-profit organizations
  3. Volunteer your product to non-profit organizations and businesses.
  4. Offer your product as the prize for a contest
  5. Offer your product in a school or non-profit fund raiser.
  6. Hold a writing or design challenge for a local school or group.
  7. Sponsor a team.
  8. Sponsor an event.
  9. Donate to a charity.
  10. Place stickers, magnets or decals on your car.
  11. Wear shirts, hats or other items with your logo or business slogan.
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